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February J, 2022

The Art Of Layering

What Is Layering?

Thought to have originated in the middle east, layering is the art of combing two or more aromatic products.

Why Do We Layer?

Pure and simple. The experimental journey to create something unique. The first key word here is ‘’create’’ – to bring something into existence, a moment in which we can experiment using our sense of smell. The act of creation is a form of self-expression. Not only does it allow us to communicate who we are but gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves. The second being ‘’unique’’ – to be the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.

So why would someone seek to create something unique within the olfactive realm? One could argue there is a psychological aspect behind layering and that it is directly linked to the way we process smell. 
When an odor binds to a receptor within the nose, a signal is sent to the olfactory bulb where the input will interact with parts of the brain responsible for smell identification, memory, and emotion. This is the primary reason we associate specific smells with a certain moment, a person or even a place.

How many people can you associate with Dior’s Light Blue? Chanel’s No.5? The psychological aspect behind layering might be to differentiate from the crowd, to compose a distinctive scent.

How Do We Layer?

Layering is not only about applying two perfumes on top of each other. It can be a combination of scents applied to different pulse points or even a blend of different fragranced products (sprays, oils, and lotions).

Our first recommendation is to hydrate one’s skin properly. It is demonstrated that aromatic molecules bind to moisture, thus enhancing the longevity and diffusion of said scent.

Secondly, heavier scents should be applied before lighter ones – this will allow space for the lightest to really come through. Thirdly we advise to use linear fragrances – our range of perfumes is composed exclusively of linear fragrances, meaning their olfactive profiles remain the same throughout the day or night.

After that, the possibilities are endless when pairing fragrances. It all comes down to subjectivity and factors such as the pH of your skin.
Here are some combinations Baron Bishop Parfums recommends:

  • Patchouli / Floral – Archetype & Huile de Silence
  • Musk / Floral – Sonder & Huile de Silence
  • Citrus / Green notes – Vertical & Archetype
  • Oriental / Musk – Tempo Rubato & Sonder


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